Welcome to Find Your Oomph!

Do you want more joy, fun, sparkle, energy, enthusiasm and laughter in your life? Do you want to feel more youthful and free?
Do you want to speak with more confidence, ease, passion and drive?

I want that for you too. I want you to experience a lightness of spirit that will see you through the best and worst of times. And I want you to speak your truth with confidence, secure in the knowledge that your voice is strong, engaging and clear.

I know life can be tough – sometimes to the extent that it can shatter your world.

I know that bereavements, health issues, and changing life circumstances can be devastating.

I know that no matter how successful you are, you can still feel lonely and lost.

I know that other people's behaviour can impact strongly, leaving you feeling fed up, resentful, sad and even trapped.

The great news is that you CAN feel free inside and full of joy, whatever is going on around you – that is, if you want to, and if you know how.

I can help you to do this through coaching programmes, workshops and retreats. I'll shine a light for you and help you find your way. I'll show you EXACTLY how to keep your inner confidence and sparkle constant and alive, and how to expand it when you want to.

I can help you to adjust your relationship with your voice, so that you feel empowered and confident when using it.

I'll help you learn to love your voice and speak freely in front of others with ease and panache. I'll furnish you with tools that will enable you to discover vocal strength, clarity, richness, colour and power, and I'll inspire you to gently speak your truth, so that you are heard by those you want to hear you. Voicework is a route to self empowerment.

When you free your soul to shine, you add light to the world.

If you're ready to step up, break through your barriers and live YOUR fabulous Oomph-fuelled life, contact me and let's talk.
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