Welcome to Find Your Oomph!

I'm Caroline Carr, and I'm very excited about Find Your Oomph. I can't wait to share it with you, because this is something that will light you up and fill you with joy.

I've been a successful therapist and drama practitioner for many years, and as a result I've developed something new and refreshing – Oomphwork! This is an empowering process which creates the deepest sense of freedom, aliveness, courage, strength and peace within.

I'll explain more as this website develops; for now though, just know that Oomphwork is fun and playful, with lots of laughter, sparkle and joy. But it's also profound and sincere – and it has great therapeutic value.

"If when we started you'd said that I would be feeling like this, I don't think I'd have believed you. I feel my head is organised now."Sue

Oomphwork has been described as 'soul-nourishing', and clients have said that they feel really alive and confident after working with me; old doubts and fears have been cleared, and they often experience the deepest sense of clarity, lightness, ease, purpose and joy that they have ever known. As you can imagine, I feel very privileged to be a part of their journey as they expand into their own greatness.

What I offer:

  • One-to-one Oomphwork Sessions
    An empowering and deliberate process whereby we do what's required to allow all of your choices to be in alignment with freedom, balance, love and joy. It's great fun, yet I dig deep when necessary.
  • Talks
    People enjoy my lighthearted approach to 'public speaking'. I'm glad because I love doing it, and am always happy to enthuse about the benefits and joys of Oomphwork. I also have a couple of specific talks that I offer. Please contact me for me details.
  • Group workshops
    Find Your Oomph workshops are a great joy. From a couple of hours to an entire day, hilarity and discussion is interspersed with periods of peace and relaxation. People leave feeling refreshed, rested, enthusiastic and energised.
  • Retreats
    The Oomph Experience Retreat in Ibiza takes place on the beautiful island of Ibiza in May 2017. This will be a powerful, deeply nourishing, expansive and joyful experience.

Here's what people say about Oomphwork with me...

"I think you're amazing - you really make a point of finding out the best way to work with someone. It's much better than just talking about things. I can feel the difference and I feel much more confident. And your energy makes me feel so positive."Janet
"I've been on a wellbeing journey for a number of years and - although making great leaps forward - I always felt there was a piece of the jigsaw missing. Caroline helped me to wake up to a lost part of myself accessed through the delights of play. Our work together has allowed a shift to happen that is proving both insightful and valuable. Thank you."Emma
Current Speaking Events & Retreats

Saturday May 20th – 27thOomph Retreat, Ibiza.

Friday June 9thLaughter Yoga UK Conference, Cabourne Parva, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire LN7 6DR

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