About Me

I've been told I have 'the most irresistible energy and joy abounding aura' and that I'm 'the embodiment of Oomph'. I'm delighted to be thought of in this way, and certainly joy underpins my whole being.

My mission is to inspire others to transcend their limitations and connect with their own inner freedom, strength, vitality and joy – whatever is going on in their lives.

I'm perfectly positioned to do this having come through various challenges, some of which have involved family mental health issues; plus which I had an anxiety disorder myself when I was in my twenties. Each time, I felt like I'd been put through a mangle and hung out to dry. Later though, I realised how much I had learnt, grown and developed as a result, and I'm so thankful, as it's brought me to where I am now.

What I have done

My working playground has been varied and fun, including lengthy stints in the professional theatre, television, and teaching drama in schools and prisons. I've worked with brilliant actors so terrified of facing their audience that I've had to gently 'push' them onto the stage. I've been around people who's energy, passion and creativity blows me away. I've worked with people in the depths of despair, and with those who's kindness, compassion and courage has brought tears to my eyes. I've been a successful hypnotherapist and life coach for many years, and as such have been privy to great confidences and to the intimate details of people's lives. I've written several books on mental health and women's health. And I'm grateful to have been featured in magazines and been interviewed on radio and TV.

What I do now

Now, I've woven all the strands of my experience together to create a dynamic process called Oomphwork, and I am doing what I love best - inspiring others to connect with their own inner freedom and peace, strength, vitality and joy – whatever is going on in their lives.

I'm thrilled that clients seem to love my quirky Oomphwork sessions. When they work with me they discover a lightness of being and a delicious sense of freedom that surprises them, and they are often astonished by their own positive transformation. They gain more confidence and clarity, and discover strengths that they didn't even know they had. Some experience breakthroughs in relationships, some spontaneously lose weight, and some enjoy a much easier relationship with money. They feel grounded, refreshed, balanced, energised and joyful - and they ALL stress less.

Every now and then I do some extra things too – for example, I might register with an agency and find myself in an organisation working as part of a team. I love doing this – it's fun, and I always learn so much! It also reminds me how easy it can be to get SO swept along in the details, demands and pressures of a job, that there seems to be precious little time left for self-care. I know that it's completely possible to change this though – if you want to. This is why I do what I do.

If you're ready to step up, break through your barriers and live YOUR fabulous Oomph-fuelled life, contact me and let's talk.
"Caroline, is there any way I can get a pocket-sized version of you? You have such a calm, cheerful way about you. I could do with getting you out and putting you on my desk every so often to keep me calm."Jeff
"Thank you so much for your support, it was truly invaluable."Suzie
"Wow Caroline - the workshop was inspirational! Thank you loads."Carly