About Me

I work powerfully with people in a range of situations, inspiring them to find inner freedom, strength, vitality and joy, and speak with confidence, ease, passion and drive
I do this through creative Oomphwork coaching programmes, workshops, talks, and retreats in beautiful places. I LOVE what I do!

My working playground has been varied and fun. I've been a hypnotherapist for many years, and before that I worked in theatre and television, and then taught drama in schools and prisons. And I'm the author of several self-help books. But there have been a few challenges - mostly involving family mental health issues. Although at the time I felt like I'd been put through a mangle and hung out to dry, I later realised how much these experiences had helped me to learn, grow and develop. Though they were ghastly at the time, I now think of them as a gift!

I laugh a lot, and I've been told that I have "The most irresistible energy and joy abounding aura," which I take as a massive compliment! Clients describe my work as "soul nourishing", and my unusual methods are guaranteed to tap into and strengthen what is TRULY significant for each person's growth, and to address unhelpful patterns and behaviours that hold them back. Then I show them EXACTLY how to keep their Oomph flowing, so that when life is tough and emotions are frazzled they know how to tap into it, tune into it, and expand it with ease. And then - they're free to shine!

If you're ready to step up, break through your barriers and live YOUR fabulous Oomph-fuelled life, contact me and let's talk.
"Caroline, is there any way I can get a pocket-sized version of you? You have such a calm, cheerful way about you. I could do with getting you out and putting you on my desk every so often to keep me calm."Jeff
"Thank you so much for your support, it was truly invaluable."Suzie
"Wow Caroline - the workshop was inspirational! Thank you loads."Carly
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