Caroline Carr - Oomph Expert, Speaker, Retreat Leader, Author

Caroline is the embodiment of Oomph – known for her infectious laughter, effervescent personality and her joyful approach to life. This is pretty astounding, because she was a dictatorial toddler who screamed herself into fits of fury when her parents didn't do exactly what she said. Now she inspires others to connect with their own inner freedom and peace, strength, vitality and joy. She's perfectly positioned to do this having come through various challenges involving family mental health issues; plus which she had an anxiety disorder herself when she was in her twenties. Each time, she felt like she'd been put through a mangle and hung out to dry. Later though, she realised how much she had learnt, grown and developed as a result.

"Caroline, is there any way I can get a pocket-sized version of you? You have such a calm, cheerful way about you. I could do with getting you out and putting you on my desk every so often to keep me calm."Jeff

Caroline's working playground has included lengthy stints in the professional theatre, television, and teaching drama in schools and prisons. She has been a successful therapist and drama practitioner for many years, and is the author of several books on mental health and women's health. She has been featured in the media many times, and interviewed on TV and radio.

Now in her 60s, Caroline has woven all the strands of her life together to create the dynamic process that is Oomphwork. She is truly doing what she loves best, spreading the Oomph message of inner freedom and joy all around the world.

Clients love Caroline's quirky Oomphwork sessions, and are often astonished by their own positive transformation. When they work with her they feel fabulous, as they discover a lightness of being and a delicious sense of freedom that often surprises them. They gain more confidence and clarity, and discover strengths that they didn't even know they had. Some experience breakthroughs in relationships, some spontaneously lose weight, and some enjoy a much easier relationship with money. They feel grounded, refreshed, balanced, energised and joyful - and they ALL stress less.

"Thank you so much for your support, it was truly invaluable."Suzie
"Wow Caroline - the workshop was inspirational! Thank you loads."Carly
Current Speaking Events & Retreats

Saturday May 20th – 27thOomph Retreat, Ibiza.

Friday June 9thLaughter Yoga UK Conference, Cabourne Parva, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire LN7 6DR