Oomph Experience Retreat - are you ready?

Join me for a transformative week of wellbeing and joy on the beautiful island of Ibiza – the land of the pines. May 20th – 27th 2017.

Is this you?

"I feel drained. I've lost my get-up-and-go."

"I find it hard to relax – and anyway I'm too busy."

"My life's good – I've got nothing to complain about really. But I don't seem to have any passion for what I'm doing - there's no fire in my belly. I don't know... maybe I'm bored."

Do you never really let yourself have fun unless you bring everyone else along with you, to make sure they're all having fun too?

Ever catch yourself realising that you have great intentions - and you start things, but you can't seem to get them finished?

Do you seem to try really hard, but never quite get to where you want to be?

Do you worry too much?

Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed?

Do you feel stuck? Or get the sense that you are drifting through life with no real progression, or passion or purpose?

Do you know you could be doing more - but instead find yourself watching hours of TV whilst consuming a tub of ice cream or demolishing a packet of chocolate biscuits and then feeling guilty about it?

"I've just realised that I have to put myself first now. But how do I do that?"

You're already half way there. You've come to a massive realisation. And this retreat will be absolutely perfect for you now, as it's the next logical step.

If the words empowered, strong, fun, joy, delight, shine, sparkle, authentic, loving, warm, appreciative, enthusiastic, playful and sincere appeal to you (these are all Oomph qualities by the way), then I think you'll love this retreat.

The Oomph Experience Retreat is a unique opportunity to:

Reconnect with your true self, the real you - the one who feels free to run barefoot through the grass, or dance like no-body's watching, or to sing from the top of a mountain! To laugh and play imaginatively and have fun. It's GREAT to get back to that place inside yourself again, and to witness the transformative effect it can have on your life.

Find out how to sustain that sense of ease, lightness, freedom and joy - whatever is going on in your life, and however other people around you may be behaving. Believe me, it's perfectly possible to do so and to emerge from a mire of mud unscathed, and smelling of roses!

Find empowering ways to deal with any life transitions that you may be facing.

Explore quick and easy ways to achieve a great balance in your life. When your life is in balance, you always get better results, personally and professionally. It's a win/win!

Discover a range of was to let go of thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that may be holding you back. Sometimes you can do this more quickly than you might think!

Relax, reflect and find clarity. There will ample opportunities to chat to other group participants, and also for some one-to-one time with me. Sometimes the right thing said by the right person in the right place can transform your life!

Connect with a small, supportive group who share your interest in personal development, and who also are ready to enjoy a personal and empowering transformation.

Enjoy the luxury of a time-rich week, to have fun and learn to de-stress whilst basking in a beautiful, sun-drenched and relaxing environment, where all your daily needs are catered for.

"I feel such a difference in myself – I haven't felt this good in ages! Thank you so much."Sam

Find out more about how you can benefit from this retreat

Please contact me to discuss by phone or email. This is a small retreat and there are only a few available spaces; I would like to be sure that it is right for you.

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