Ibiza Retreat: What you'll gain

This is an exceptional personal development retreat. If you are looking for your own personal sparkle renaissance, then this powerful, deeply nourishing, expansive and joyful experience is for you – and it will transform your life. There is no other retreat quite like this one, so you have a unique opportunity to participate in and benefit from something very special.

You'll learn how to stay upbeat even when life circumstances and other people's behaviour could get you down, and you'll be given practical techniques and tools which will guide you into a sense of ease, flow and freedom, peace, inner strength and joy.

You'll discover practical, efficient (and often unconventional) ways to release negative thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviour which may have prevented you from living the joyful life you deserve.

You'll find (if this applies to you) that your family or those you love and care for can survive when you are not there. This in itself can be a profoundly empowering lesson for you.

Your energy and vitality will improve, as will your relationships.

'Problems' and 'issues' that may have seemed overwhelming, are likely to seem less so as your gain a fresh perspective whilst you are away. Not only is this because you are taking time out from the situation, but you'll benefit from the experience and wisdom of others, including myself. You'll return home revitalised and grounded, and able to cope.

You will leave the retreat with more true confidence, clarity, positivity, energy, enthusiasm and inner strength than you may have experienced in the past.

You'll have fun learning wise and wonderful ways to instantly become grounded and relaxed. And, yes, you will laugh. A lot!

You'll make new friends who, having shared this experience together, are likely to foster a strong and supportive bond.

You'll enjoy a lightness of spirit and the bliss of becoming a soul well-nourished, supported by practical techniques and recourses to continue to use after the retreat ends.

You'll find yourself again. It'll be like coming home to yourself – the real you.

The Oomph Experience retreat is a win/win situation. You benefit, and those you love and care about benefit too. They too reap the rewards of your lightness and joy.
"I arrived feeling 'heavy' and left feeling light. Lots to think about – I'm going to keep my Oomph from leaking away."Jen

What's included:

Seven nights accommodation – two to a room in massive, comfortable, cotton-sheeted single beds. Participants who desire a private room may purchase a single supplement.

Most meals and snacks included – vegan gourmet food, prepared by some of the island's finest chefs

Transfers to and from the airport at specific times only.

Facilitated discussions and group coaching with Caroline, including transformative practices to embody joy into your everyday life – whatever else is going on around you.

A variety of optional 'a la carte' services such as massage treatments and yoga..

Built in downtime for reflection or to do your own thing.

A couple of organised trips into the countryside, beach or to see the drumming at sunset.

"I had no idea just how much I needed this. It was liberating, empowering and so much fun. Thank you so much."Vanessa

Location and Venue:

Hycienda Morna is a beautiful luxurious villa situated in a peaceful rural location, within the Island's mountainous interior, and surrounded by pine trees. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind in what is described as a 'magical setting,' with lush tropical gardens - orange and lemon trees, ornamental fish ponds, a swimming pool and terraces.

The large private estate is minutes away from small villages and unspoilt beaches, but also near the main town of Santa Eulària des Riu, on the South East coast.

Great attention has been given to every aspect of Hycienda Morna, which was designed by the Island's renowned architects Blakstad Design Consultants, as you can see from the photographs here. And the owners pride themselves on serving wholesome, exciting vegan food.

We will be very well looked after during our glorious, relaxing and joyful week together. I can't wait!

Find out more about how you can benefit from this retreat

Please contact me to discuss by phone or email. This is a small retreat and there are only a few available spaces; I would like to be sure that it is right for you.

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