What is Oomph?

"I could do with a bit more Oomph!" That's the first thing some people say when they hear the word Oomph, assuming it means 'get-up-and-go', energy and enthusiasm. It is about those things of course - yet it's also much, much more.

Oomph is a deep sense of inner freedom and joy that is always there.

You can tap into it at any time, whatever is going on in your life. It's a lasting quality that keeps you connected with your true self, and therefore aligned with freedom, balance, fun and joy. It fuses aliveness, zest, eagerness and delight with ease, flow, curiosity and wonder.

Oomph is emotional mastery. It is the art of finding inner peace during turbulence. It frees your heart to soar and your spirit to shine.

You serve others best when you live an Oomph-fuelled life. Yet it can be quashed or blocked all too easily.

Is this you?

Do you feel fed up or stuck in a rut?

Do you know something's not quite right, but you're not sure what to do about it? Do you just feel that things could be better, different – more exciting and fun?

Are you are exhausted, stressed and worried?

You're doing your best to get everything done as well as you can and meet deadlines (possibly self-imposed), and feel you should be able to manage? Are you REALLY TRYING, but finding things so hard? Do you sleep badly because you're stressed? Do you feel 'fragmented'? Is your work suffering as a result?

Your work may not be suffering RIGHT NOW, because you might have found a way to cope. But your health and emotional wellbeing will be taking a battering as a result.

Do you feel overwhelmed, world-weary and drained?

Are you juggling everything in your life to make it work – there's so much to do and so many people to think about? Are you putting everybody else first and putting yourself on the back burner – sweeping your own needs to one side? Do you sometimes LONG to climb back into bed as soon as you've got out of it 'cos you're so damn tired? And at the end of the day, what then – TV and a glass of wine or two, or a packet of biscuits or a tub of ice cream? Maybe – maybe not.

But then there's the guilt – and you feel guilty about so many things. You are doing the best that you can, but it never seems to be enough. You're almost consumed by other people's needs and demands, and you wish... you just wish things could be different. You've lost the passion you used to have for life, and sometimes you feel that you've lost yourself – you're not even sure who the real you is anymore.

I get it!

I've been there too – at different points in my life. What I've learned is that you can DEFINITELY reconnect with your Oomph, and keep it going in amongst all the 'stuff' that's going on around you - that is if you want to.

Whatever is going on in your life, your work or your relationships, you can choose to feel free and live in joy.

You can reconnect with your Oomph. Find out how.

Imagine how fabulous life could be for you – energised by a sense of wonder, joy, delight and fun. Imagine being empowered with a deep inner strength which enables you to step back when you need to, make clear decisions, and say 'no' when necessary - whilst still being genuine, loving and kind. Imagine saying 'yes' to things that excite and inspire you, without having to hold yourself back. Imagine breaking through your barriers, and expanding into a new energy that is unstoppable, inspired and pure. Imagine feeling free, really free inside – free to really be you.

Imagine this:

You feel absolutely wonderful – grounded, with a well-balanced life, and you radiate joy. You're not fazed by life's challenges and you deal with them well. You find inspiration easily, and the decisions you make are in alignment with your life's purpose. You are fulfilled, and live daily with a sense of inner freedom, ease and joy. Other people (often those you love most), make demands and possibly have unrealistic expectations of you, but you don't feel bitter or resentful because you know that they have their own reasons for behaving as they do. You are confident in your decision to live your life in joy – you value yourself, and you refuse to be a victim of circumstance or another person's issues. You are compassionate and kind, and when you have to make compromises, you do so with love in your heart, and joy in your soul. Life is an adventure and you're loving it..

Let life be like this for you. Just find your Oomph – and keep it there! This is how.