Speaking engagements

People seem to enjoy my lighthearted approach to 'public speaking'. I'm glad because I love doing it, and am always happy to enthuse about the benefits and joys of Oomphwork!

Guaranteed to add sparkle and raise the energy, laughter and joy in the room, my talks are always tailored to the requirements and size of the group, and where appropriate, audience participation is actively encouraged.

I'm hired to talk about all things Oomph, my own journey, the work that I do and why I do it. So sometimes a speech can be as broad as that. And sometimes I get requests for talks that incorporate a substantial element of Laughter Yoga – these are always great fun!

If you'd like me to speak to your group, or at your event or conference, please get in touch to discuss: 07846 208 378 or email me

"Thank you Caroline. You're amazing. Thank you for sharing your light and helping so many others with your wisdom."Wes Floyd, LYUK
"What a hoot – your talk on Oomph was really enlightening and food for thought. Thank you for coming and entertaining us."Wendy and Joyce, Hythe Wives
Caroline is a confident and informative speaker who can engage her audience even if she is speaking on a delicate subject matter. I would highly recommend attending a talk hosted by Caroline.Zoe Sinclair, Employees Matter
Caroline Carr has the rare ability to enthuse and motivate; her passion in delivering help to build confidence and regain self esteem is most encouraging and totally inspiring! Caroline is better than a gin and tonic and has all the fizz!ViViane Vayssieres, Paule Rochelle Agency