Oomphwork 1-1

Are you ready to step up, break through your barriers and live your fabulous Oomph-fuelled life?

Do you want to find that inner freedom, and that sense of peace and joy that you've been longing for?

OK, so you want things to change, but deep down maybe you're a little scared. What if change upsets the status quo? What if others suffer as a result? What if your work or business suffers? What if it doesn't work out? What if... what if... what if...?

What if the taking the next step can bring about the best possible outcome for you on all fronts?
Be open to fear, be open to change, be open to joy - be open to YOU.

Being true to yourself can sometimes bring up discomfort - fears and delicate choices, but when you're connected to your Oomph, then you have the inner strength and resilience to deal with any challenge.

I can help you navigate change with strength and grace, and connect with your Oomph in a way that's profound and sincere, but also playful and fun.

What is Oomphwork?

Oomphwork is an empowering process which creates the deepest sense of freedom, aliveness, courage, strength and peace within. It is the art of emotional mastery - that is, a deep awareness of your changing emotional states and the ability to direct them in a positive and helpful way.

Having been a therapist and drama practitioner for many years, I have created a process which enables your authentic self to shine brightly, and without having to really try. This involves Oomph activation to help light that spark, and also Oomph clearing - to enable you to let go of the thoughts, feelings and behaviour that may be holding you back.

Through intuitive exploration we find out about what's going on for you, and then create conditions where you can source your own answers and connect with your inner guidance. I don't assume you identify with a role, a type or an archetype - so I don't design a programme around that. You are a unique individual. Let's just work intuitively with what we know of you – and what we find.

Oomphwork has been described as 'soul-nourishing', and clients have said that they feel really alive and confident after working with me; old doubts and fears have been cleared, and they often experience the deepest sense of clarity, lightness, ease, purpose and joy that they have ever known. As you can imagine, I feel very privileged to be a part of their journey as they expand into their own greatness.

What does Oomphwork involve?

There is a physical component to Oomphwork, which includes movement, breathing, voicework and laughter. One client said that she found the physical element particularly useful: "I can feel that it's really shifting things." Another client was at first slightly uncomfortable with this aspect of the work – but then noticed how it brought about a subtle transformation in her life. She began to feel grounded, decisive and strong – feelings that she'd not experienced for a long, long time.

I also use brain re-patterning and other clearing modalities and methods which are simple and quick, so that you can let go of unhelpful and limiting beliefs and habits and replace them with ones that will serve you well. Sue said: "If when we started you'd said that I would be feeling like this, I don't think I'd have believed you. I feel my head is organised now."

The breakthroughs that you experience enable you to make inspired choices and decisions, which are in alignment with freedom, balance, love and joy. Your life improves and this has a positive effect on those around you.

It all starts with a conversation.

If you're ready to step up, break through your barriers and live YOUR fabulous Oomph-fuelled life, contact me and let's talk.

"I think you're amazing - you really make a point of finding out the best way to work with someone. It's much better than just talking about things. I can feel the difference and I feel much more confident. And your energy makes me feel so positive."Janet
"I've been on a wellbeing journey for a number of years and - although making great leaps forward - I always felt there was a piece of the jigsaw missing. Caroline helped me to wake up to a lost part of myself accessed through the delights of play. Our work together has allowed a shift to happen that is proving both insightful and valuable. Thank you."Emma
I feel like so much has shifted inside of me, and I feel this sense of stability and strength emerging in me again. Thank you so much Caroline, this work is powerful, meaningful, and human!Rosie
"Caroline is a superb coach. She has expertise in a wide variety of areas to help you expand your joy and enthusiasm, and is particularly skilled at exploring the ignored, neglected and repressed emotions that may be limiting your ability to experience life fully. And if you are overly analytical, she is very good at making sure this is done in a safe and empowering way. She also is wonderful at including a variety of embodiment practices in addition to her skills as traditional hypnotherapist."Dr Edward Van Geison