Oomph for groups

Would you like something stress-reducing and fun to slot into your team day, training day or inset day?

Oomph workshops are highly interactive, suitable for all sorts of groups and are always tailored to your requirements. They have three main components:

These workshops vary in length – it just depends on what you are looking for. They are great fun (often hilarious), and participants leave feeling refreshed, rested, enthusiastic energised and joyful.

"Many thanks for the workshops at Aviva. The guys loved the sessions - a fantastic way to energise and relax after the day's development programme, and mere mention of the workshops the next day brought the whole experience back to life and the whole group feeling good!"Pete Bacon, Salix
"Many thanks for the Laughter Workshop and your energy on the day. It made a real difference."Clare Walker, Carers Officer, Dorset Healthcare University Trust NHS Foundation Trust
"Thank you so much for our carers day, it was brilliant and very well received!"Pam Pillow, Mental health Recovery Worker, Rethink

Please contact me to discuss how these fun Oomph experiences can benefit your group.

Would you like a more in-depth, transformative experience for your group?

Oomphwork is empowering process which creates the deepest sense of freedom, aliveness, courage, strength and peace within. It brings about a deep awareness of changing emotional states and an ability to direct them in a positive and helpful way. An exciting and innovative way of doing this in a group setting is through the use of masks.

The masks are used to explore and adjust emotional states, and therefore change the impact and outcome of a situation. The process is fascinating, and it has great therapeutic value, often leading to significant breakthroughs. There is the opportunity for all group members to participate and reflect in a safe, non-judgemental, gentle and constructive way.

What this gives each participant:

These workshops are of benefit to:

"I've been a carer for a long time and I'd lost my confidence. Working with the masks has been very powerful, and very positive for me".Group participant
"Now I understand how I have given certain people permission to walk all over me. I didn't realise how much I was doing that. Working with masks has opened that up for me and given me ways to change this."Renata

Please contact me to discuss how Oomphwork using masks can benefit your group.

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