Speak With Confidence

Do you wish you had more confidence when you speak – especially when you are put on the spot, or in front of people you don't know? Do you worry about how your voice sounds, and how you come across?

Speaking is one of the most natural things in the world, but speaking in front of others can for many people be a deeply uncomfortable experience.

Is this you?

You're not alone – the above statements resonate with many, many people! The great news is that your concerns can be fixed.

You can learn to love your voice, enjoy using it and feel confident when speaking – wherever you are and whoever you are speaking to.

I can help you:

I'll help you to understand more about your voice and give you some great tools. I'll ensure that you know how to maximize your personal energy so that you can project yourself more effectively, with greater impact and confidence - especially when speaking out in front of others.

You'll discover how to speak so that others really want to listen. Imagine having to give a talk about a subject that you find dry and boring – I'll help you to find ways to make it the most fascinating subject imaginable, and to convey that to your audience with ease and panache. I think you'll surprise yourself!

I'll inspire you to gently speak your truth, so that you are heard by those you want to hear you.

Why choose me?

A large part of my drama school and university training had a specialist focus in use of voice. I worked with some great voice teachers, several of whom have now passed on. I use what I learned from them as a way to help people build their confidence so that they can speak effectively in any situation, be it a meeting, small group or a large presentation. I've also trained would-be voiceover artists and was one myself for a while!

I've created a successful way of working which is fun, interesting, effective and surprisingly easy. Where appropriate I draw on a range of modalities including hypnotherapy, playful movement and mindful laughter to aid and speed up the process for you, enabling you to blast through your barriers and boost your confidence, whilst gaining really valuable tools to help you speak with enthusiasm, energy, authority and zest.

Voicework is a route to self-empowerment.

There are various ways that we can work together: 1-1 coaching programmes, workshops and retreats.

If you're ready to learn to love your voice and speak with confidence, contact me and let's talk
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